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Crisis and Incident Management

"Smart people learn from experience ; wise people learn from the experience of others" (Ichak Adizes).

Most organisations have few opportunities to learn from their own crises (if they survive that is) so take the opportunity to learn from the experience (both success and failure) of others in handling organisational crises.

This course looks at the organisational structures and skills required to manage the strategic issues of a incident which threaten welfare, reputation and viability. It is aimed at both those on the Incident Management Team and those on the BC Team tasked with assisting with their development and training.


Two days - residential


  • Understand the need for "Incident Management" in a Crisis;
  • Appreciate the differences between emergency response, crisis management and business continuity
  • Learn the key elements that make up an incident management 'plan';
  • Be able to influence the selection of an workable team
  • Have the skills to develop and exercise the incident management team


  • Understand the nature and impacts of a crisis
  • Observe the circumstances that lead to crisis situations
  • How does Crisis Management fit within Business Continuity?
  • Scenario-based planning methodology
  • How to handle the people
  • Ways of contact and communication in crisis situations
  • Establishing and selecting the Crisis Management Team
  • How to handle the media
  • Rehearsing the incident management team
  • Learning from others' experience

Taught sessions are interspersed with discussions and visual illustrations. Each session is completed with a group session enabling lessons learned to be put into practice.