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Business Continuity Basics

An introduction to Business Continuity Management

Have you just been given responsibility for Business Continuity in your organisation, been asked to join an existing BC team, or as a manager, feel you should know more about it? This course will provide you with an outline of the important issues, concentrating on understanding the purpose, concepts and terminology of the subject.

Thc course covers, in outline, the six professional practices of BCM as defined by the Business Continuity Institute and uses its Good Practice Guidelines as a structure. For a more detailed course, that covers methods, look instead at the three day Business Continuity Foundation course.


One day


  • Understand the need for and purpose of a continuity planning for an organisation
  • Appreciate the scope of the discipline through the 6 BCI Professional Practices
  • Understand, in outline, the key principles and terminology of Business Continuity
  • Be ready to initiate or participate in a continuity programme


  • What does Business Continuity do for an organisation?
  • What are the basic concepts and terminology?
  • How do we determine key requirements?
  • What strategies are available to protect the organisation?
  • What form should the response and the plan(s) take?
  • How do we make sure it will work?
  • Where do I start?


The course uses a stimulating mix of instruction, discussion, group activities, games and video. A workbook containing course slides and supporting materials is provided.

No specific preparation is required for the course however it would be useful if you have looked at the BCI's Good Practice Guidelines (from

Feedback: "Extremely informative and enjoyable day. Honestly the most beneficial and comprehensive training course that I've attended" - Swinton Insurance