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Some examples of how Continuity Systems has assisted organisations

  • A major European institution is building an effective recovery programme after a a previous attempt became overwhelmed with detail
  • A national parliament has demonstrated its ability to recover plenary meetings within an acceptable timeframe
  • A specialist printer has achieved ISO 22301 certification
  • A pensions and life insurance company has a thriving internal Business Continuity Management structure which is involving all parts of the business in developing plans and strategies for responding to incidents. The media team are setting up a battle-box at the off-site Incident Control Centre having been spurred into action by a being faced by a simulated crisis.The business teams, including the call-centre are working out the logistics of moving to a large work-space recovery centre if the need should arise.
  • A Lloyds insurer is confident that they can maintain their claims and underwriting services and systematically rebuild their business after a loss of their City offices.
  • A computer service bureau, a long-time subscriber to a computer recovery service, has now reorganised its recovery to be management-led and focused on keeping its customers informed.
  • A housing association is planning to make temporary use of one of its sheltered housing buildings and its in-house messenger service as a low cost way of maintaining services to its tenants if its offices are inaccessible.
  • A major petrochemical installation was advised not to subscribe to a recovery service being offered to them (costing over £50,000 per annum) because it was inappropriate to their recovery needs. Procedures, costing under £3000 to develop, provided the solution.
  • A logistics organisation has ensured that its new computer system has a recovery strategy that will ensure resumption after a complete loss of facilities before the interruption to delivery operation becomes unmanageable.
  • A national museum has a logistically sound plan for evacuating the public and a plan to continue administrative functions in the event of an access denial
  • An automotive parts manufacturer now keeps spare moulds (with a lead-time of six months) off-site so they can be quickly air-freighted to their Italian counterpart to enable production to resume within days of a loss of the UK plant.
  • A property management company identified special billing stationery as the only stumbling block if they needed to relocate. At minimal cost the printer maintains a stock for them.
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