BCI NE Forum information

This page contains information about the Business Continuity Institute's UK NE Forum.

Information on future events and presentations from previous meetings are available

on the NE page of the BCI website

About the BCI NE Forum

The BCI NE Forum covers an area roughly from Sheffield to the Scottish Borders, to the east of Pennines plus Cumbria (if you wonder why Cumbria - try the M6). However as a BCI member you can attend any forum meetings (there is also a NW forum - details are on the BCI website).

We meet three or four times each year usually alternating north and south of the region and for a half day with typical attendance being around 30. Although we sometimes have presentations, by choice we often have free-format discussions on BCM topics which anyone can raise or speak to. It is also an excellent way to network with colleagues in the discipline so there is plenty of coffee and chat time - and often lunch provided too.

The forum is run by its members and receives no support or control from the central BCI administration. I (Ian Charters) maintain the mailing list for the group (which is not shared with anyone else for commercial purposes), sort out venues and attempt to keep meetings under control.

You do not need to be a BCI member to attend, but it is hoped that you will join if you find the subject interesting.

If you would like to be added to the list please send a request to the address on this page You will then receive an invitation to future meetings including those above. I am also always interested in anyone able to host meetings of 30-40 people - but no pressure!